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Review OF the Commuter

Liam Neeson considered one of the biggest Action Stars is Back with his latest outing The Commuter  .

Michael MacCauley an Ex cop goes through the same routine prior to his daily commute to work as an insurance salesman. He spends time with his wife Karen and son Danny before boarding the train to work, frequently engaging with other commuters like Walt. On this particular day, Michael is laid off, despite trying to argue against it.

Michael meets his friend, Detective Alex Murphy, who was his former partner during his time as an NYPD detective. As they chat, they see a news story about a city planner who supposedly jumped to his death. Michael admits to Murphy that he has not told Karen about being laid off. Murphy tells him to tell his wife. He tells him he wants to help him but Michael doesn’t respond. Murphy reminds micheal , Micheal has a train to catch.

On the train ride home,e is joined by the woman, Joanna. After a brief chat, Joanna tells Michael that there is a compartment in one of the train’s washrooms that contains $25,000, plus another $75,000 in cash. She tells him he can have it as long as he helps find someone before the last stop at Cold Spring. The person is using the alias “Prynne”. What starts off as a Hypothetical Situation soon turns into an Actual one when Micheal Learns that Joanna knows more about him than he knows. Soon the Stakes are raised Higher when Micheal’s Family gets involved. Micheal must race against time to find Prynne and to Stop Joanna from Hurting his family.

Director Jaume Collet Serra who directed Neeson in Non Stop is back directing him in the Commuter. The film bares a striking resemblance   to non stop in pretty much every way. From the taking to the Plot Play out  the film gives you the feel of Watching a non Stop on the Train.

The film is all about Liam Neeson, and honestly he doesn’t fail to deliver yet again. Though ageing Neeson still knows how to pack punch.

Coming to the Action Stunt Coordinator Mark Vanselow puts together an average fair barring one fight sequence everything is pretty much routine.

On the whole The Commuter is a decent watch but is definitely a few notches lower than Non Stop.

We at amdb wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- B 






Disclaimer- The reviewer is well respected as an Action connoisseur in global action communities. Amdb (Action movie Data Base) is a site solely designed to review and promote “only” action Films. The reviewer has served as an action consultant to many Action films. He is graduate in advance screen writing. And Above all he know’s what the F he’s talking about.

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