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Die Hard Reboot Bruce Willis helps cast a Young John Mccain.

One of the most iconic action films ever to be made Die Hard has joined the ranks of elite films to be added to the Nation film preservation board in 2017. Skyscraper which recently hit theaters was a tribute to Die Hard .

The iconic franchise produced by legendary Action film producer Joel Silvers is set to get a reboot and how.

Director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) spoke with in depth about 20th Century Fox‘s latest installment of the Die Hard franchise titled Die Hard: Year One, which has been in the works for a while

Wiseman confirmed that we will be seeing a young Holly Gennero alongside a young John McClane through flashbacks, and that Bruce Willis is helping with the casting process.

Wiseman, who mentioned there is  a present day reunion between Bruce Willis and Bonnie Bedelia (Designated Survivor), who has not appeared in a Die Hard movie since the second film.

However It has not yet been confirmed if McClane’s children, Lucy (Mary Elizebeth Winstead) and Jack (Jai Courtney) he plays the techie nerd, and who both appeared in previous sequels will appear in the new Die Hard installment.

Die Hard: Year One’s 1979 storyline is an  origin story. McClane, delving into the protagonist’s time as a police officer with the NYPD.

McClane’s youth was adapted into a  graphic novel series, Die Hard: Year One  Published in 2009 and 2010, and was written by Howard Chaykin and took place in the Big Apple during the 1976 . Like the film series, Die Hard: Year One had McClane facing off against violent terrorists. It was followed by another four-issue story, set during the 1977 New York blackout.

The film will jump back and forth between past and present, working as a prequel and sequel and allowing fans to see the McClane we know and love as well as the younger version of the detective in flashbacks. Wiseman explained to the outlet that the premise of Die Hard: Year One is to see how “the ’70s has ramifications on present-day Bruce and what made him what he is.

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