Breaking- Sky Dance Raises 500 million dollar with another 500 million line of credit to produce Action films.

Sky Dance Media founded by David Ellison with one vision to create new Action Content along with reviving Old Action franchise is a mega winner.

Founded in 2006 the company which started with True Grit soon moved to the Mega Mission impossible franchise and since then never looked back.

From Mission Impossible to G I Joe to Jack  Reacher to Star Trek , to World War Z to Jack Ryan and last but certainly in noways least Terminator they made it all.

In a day and Age where funding is becoming more and more scarce the company has not only raised 500 million but has arranged another 500 million line of credit over the next 4 years to develop and produce more Action content.

JP Morgan which backed the Studio in 2016 for a 700 million funding are once again bullish on the studio that even makes their Box Office unsuccessful films a success on Ancillary platforms. Case in Point Terminator Dark Fate , which was made on a budget of a 160 million dollars and did a world wide share of 250 million plus another 24 million from Print(DVD , Blue Ray) sales.

It made a whopping 100 million plus from all Streaming and Broadcast services make it a breakeven project. Sky Dance ‘s latest release Six Underground is the second highest viewed film on Netflix and even Gemini Man which under performed broke even.

Skydance President and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Sisgold closed the facility in collaboration with Skydance CFO Larry Wasserman. The main Bank to Back the facility is Bank of America.

The Studio has a mega line up which they moved from Theatrical to Digital  with Without Remorse” and “The Tomorrow War sold for a whopping 600 million to leading Streaming Giants.

For theatrical they have Top Gun: Maverick, GI Joe: Snake Eyes  and the seventh and eight installments of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise that should easily pull in over 2 billion dollars world wide when it opens.  It’s amazing to see what the Studio will announce in their new Action Slate.

We at wish the entire team all the very best.








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