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Review Rampage

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is on another high currently He’s  tasting success like Top hollywood Stars like tom cruise did when theatrical admins were at their peak. Dwayne Johnson is back with his latest release Rampage can it add another feather in his already filled hat lets find out. Ex …

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Trailer 2 of Rampage

One of the best adaptation of King Kong vs Godzilla , Rampage has the making’s of a sure shot hit. Starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson who is once again making his way forward as  one of the most sought after ActionStars in Hollywood. Dwayne plays Primatologist Davis Okoye  a man who …

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Trailer OF Rampage

The Rock Dwayne Johnson is back in what looks like a fresh take on King Kong Vs Godzilla.  Dwayne and his San Andreas Helmer Brad Payton  have decided they want to create Rampage on the Streets of Chicago. Primatologist Davis Okoye  shares a specially relationship with his Gorilla George. But …

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