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Gonin Saga

The year is 1995. Japan’s economic bubble has collapsed. No Bandai (Koichi Sato), once a guitarist in a rock band and now a disco owner, is under huge pressure to pay off his colossal debt to the Ogoshi-gumi gang, an affiliate of the police-designated organized crime syndicate Goseikai. In desperation, he gathers five other men on the verge of oblivion to carry out a heist of the Ogoshi-gumi’s vault, and they succeed in robbing them of a massive sum of cash. However, the Goseikai responds by unleashing two ace hitmen, Kyoya (Beat Takeshi) and Kazuma (Kimura Kazuya), and the five hapless thieves are tracked down and executed, one by one.

On a rain-drenched night, ex-cop Hizu (Jinpachi Nezu) and Mitsuya (Masahiro Motoki) attempt a counterattack on the Ogoshi-gumi, killing boss Ogoshi (Toshiyuki Nagashima), his lieutenant Hisamatsu (Shingo Tsurumi), and its other members. Kazuma dies in the shootout. Hizu is later felled by a bullet from Kyoya, and Mitsuya goes on the run. Kyoya eventually finds him, and the two of them die by each other’s hand. The Ogoshi-gumi is wiped out, and it seems the story has come to an end… Flash forward to 2014: 19 years later.

To the families left behind by the men who died in the raid, the story is far from over. Hayato (Masahiro Higashide), Hisamatsu’s son, works part time to support his mother Yasue (Harumi Inoue), and leads an honest life. His childhood friend Daisuke (Kenta Kiritani), the son of Ogoshi, works as a lowly bodyguard for Seiji (Masanobu Ando), the Goseikai’s third-generation boss, who is growing in power and expanding his influence.
Asami (Anna Tsuchiya), a troubled former idol with an attraction to Daisuke, is one of many who bear a grudge against the Goseikai, but is powerless to take revenge. One day, Yasue is visited by a reporter called Tomita (Tasuku Emoto), who is investigating the truth behind the raid 19 years ago. Before long, another tragedy occurs. A new battle begins, for a new gang of five..

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