Interview with Director Roel Reine

Director Roel Reine Specializes in making Action movies in budget and makes them quick. The Dutch born film maker has specialized in making Sequels like Death Race 2, The Condemned 2 , 12 Rounds 2  The Scorpion King 2 and Hard Target 2.

Roel has recently completed his war epic RedBad, he sat down for an exclusive with amdb and talked about how he got into the business and discussed his future plans and upcoming film RedBad


1. So how did you get into film making.

When I was 12 I watched BLADE RUNNER and knew that I wanted to become a director. Started with directing 8mm films with my toys when I was 12.

At 23 years old I was directing prime time television action shows in The Netherlands. Then at age 29 I made my first Theatrical Feature film THE DELIVERY, an english language road movie, that I made for $350k. That won me a lot of awards and was my ticket to Los Angeles.

2. You specialize in Sequels , and have done close to 6 of them how did this happen

I believe in the 10.000 hours rule. You need to play the piano for 10.000 hours before you will be good enough to become a concert player. So when I arrived in LA I told my agents and manager that I wanted to learn and become a really good director and do any kind of project for the next 10 years. So I did many sequels and had a blast doing them.

3.  Within Action which is your favourite hybrid genre

Sci-Fi action

4.  You have worked with Action Stars like Danny trenjo, Ron Perlman and Scott Adkins what was it like working with them.

It is very cool to work with your idols like Danny Trejo and Scott Adkins. They are great people that love what they do, like i love what i do So it was a blast to work with them on these movies.

5. How would you describe the state of the Indie Action cinema in  terms of business.

It’s small but still profitable. Only distribution becomes more complicated and also more easy at the same time. Anybody now can make an action movie in their laptop and put it on the internet for the world to see. It’s a pity that a lot of people are still not doing that.

6.  How was your experience working on Marvel’s in humans.

Very cool to work with Marvel and with the Marvel people.

7.  Who are your favourite Action Stars and Stunt coodrninators

Action Stars I don’t know, to many to tell. Coordinators: my favorite is Seng from Thailand

8.  Tell us about your upcoming film redbad

It’s a BRAVEHEART kind of movie set in a time in The Netherlands when the Pagans were at war with the Christians. I’m very proud of this movie. It is Epic and very emotional.

9.What are you working on next

Will do some episodes of a new Kung-Fu series for Netflix. And after that some more movies.

10. Have you seen any Bollywood action movies, and if so what do you think of them .

Yes, I have seen them. They are very different, but very cool. Would love to make one in India myself one day.

11. Do u know of any action stars.

In India, no, I have seen them, but for me difficult to remember their names.

12.  A message to amdb readers. 

Keep watching action movies!


We at wish Roel all the success for RedBad.



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