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The World of Action needs no language to sell the story. It’s the only Genre where words are not required to tell what is happening, that is why it’s globally the largest consumed product world wide in Entertainment.

Few Actors have made their name in the global market As Action Stars , Sylvester Stallone, Arnold schwarzenegger , Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen and John Abraham to name a few ( the list is huge) added to the list of these elite Stars is Scott Adkins the man who flawed everyone as Yuri Boyka in Undisputed had made a special place for himself in the Action world.

On his way to Super stardom amdb sat down with Scott Adkins for an exclusive interview .  Read below.

How did you get into martial arts?

When I was ten years old, my dad and my older brother did judo. I went along with them because I thought I was missing out and I stuck with it. They stopped and I continued so judo was the first one, then tae kwan do. When I was about 17 years old, I went into kick boxing, and did a lot of gymnastics. I made up my mind at an early age that I wanted to be like Van Damme and Bruce Lee. So I was very geared towards getting into the film business. I am a legitimate martial artist, and I train with a lot of pro guys.

Undisputed was a defining part of your career. How did you go about getting that part?

I worked with the Director Isaac before on Special Forces and the next film was Undisputed 2. They wanted it to be just a boxing movie. When Isaac came on board he said he wanted the bad guy to be an MMA fighter which was an upcoming sport at that time in back in 2005. They agreed. The character was written up to be a Russian guy. They didn’t see me in that part, but Isaac fought for me and believed in me. I said I will put on the muscle, I will be an intimidating presence. Isaac trusted me, and convinced the others. And he made the right decision, didn’t he?

I definitely agree. You have worked with Isaac many times, for many films, you’ll have a great bond. How was it like working with him? Cause he’s a martial artist too and knows his craft real well?

Yes, he’s aMartial Artist and a very honourable guy. If he says he’s going to do something, he sticks to his word. You can trust him. There are not a lot of guys like that in Hollywood. He’s a real gentleman and a family man, a great guy. He’s done a lot for me, he’s almost like my uncle. He gave me a lot of opportunities and I owe my career to him.

Scott, you’ve truly made a name for yourself. You’ve got a market, a consistent fan-following, most sought after star in the Indie market. But why do you this rather than go mainstream films?

I’ll do the mainstream films if I could get more people to believe I could carry them. What I can accomplish in a 3-week schedule, most actors cannot accomplish in 3 months. But, I get labelled as the B movie independent guy. I’m talented, I’m a good actor, very few can come close when it comes to the fight Sequences

I agree, your one Martial artist who can sell a fight and can Act too, would you consider yourself an evolving Actor?

When I first started out, I admit my acting was not as good as it could have been, but I’m talking about starting out 20 years ago. You can’t look at the Accident man, the Debt collector and Undisputed and say I can’t act.  End of the day, one of those big Hollywood hotshots needs to give me a chance I haven’t had.

Who are the other action stars you look up to?

Well Stars like Stallone, Van Damme, Jack chan people I have grown up seeing but one person I was truly star Struck seeing was  Donnie Yen, Other Actors like  Tony Jaa , Michael Jay White and Iko  are my colleagues , I have great admiration for them.

Which is your favourite action films?

First Blood had the right level of drama and action it’s the perfect Action film. Matrix was a phenomenal, and the Martial Arts was there for a reason, one gets invested in the story.

In Expendables 2 you had this epic fight with Statham. How was it working with him?

Great, works hard, cares about what he looks like, lots of attention to detail, he’s a perfectionist. It was a good experience working with him. I am Proud a British Actor has made it as an A level Action Star in Hollywood.

You did this film called Triple Threat. It’s been delayed for a while, can you share the status on what’s happening on that film?

I heard it’s coming out this December. They don’t want it released at different times, in different parts of the world. So they planning a day and Date release.

Any more films like Undisputed?

Millennium is not about making stars, they just make big films with existing big star.

Have you seen any Bollywood movies?

I almost got a chance to work in one. But, I was offered Dr Strange at the same time.

Any message for our amdb readers, hard core action fans?

Yes, I would like to come out and do a Bollywood movie Soon.

We at wish Mr. Adkins all the best for his career .







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