Latest Trailer of Wonder Women 1984.

Now we don’t know if this is the last trailer or not but Wonder Women 1984 has block buster written all over it . The film has been made for big screen experience and the new trailer proves it.

Post events of World War 2 Wonder Women opens in the year 1984 , Where Diana Prince meets a girl who not only is her fan but also her best friend.

Barbara Minerva is a fan who friends Diana and the two form a strong friendship. Barbara wants to be like Diana and her wish comes true.

Businessman and Media Barron Maxwell  Lord finds a way to fullfill anything anyone wishes , Barbara Approaches him to make her better than Diana.

When Diana Learns of what Lord is upto she tries to Stop him however she’s in for a surprise Barbara meets her there after a confrontation Barbara beats Diana.

Wonder Woman dons a suit of armor that hangs in the Justice League’s headquarters. It’s a pair of golden wings, an eagle helmet, and a sword made by the god Hephaestus that can cut anything, even Superman.

Now the events of 1984 take place before the timeline of Justice league as per the film , so our guess is she goes back to  Themyscira where her aunt General Antiope,( Robin Right) has left the suit for her.

Diana must take on her biggest challenge till date and fight Barbara who her self has Evolved as the “Cheetah” to destroy her and stop Maxwell’s plans .

The trailer has received 5100 trend tracks with a Solid A + score  this is the first time we have seen re pulls upto 3 times. The trailer is a trailer blazer and Gal Gadot is in full form.

It’s the Gal Show out and out she was born to play this part . The film if opens day and date world wide will have a life time Run of a billion Five World wide.

However in the PCE ( Post Covid Era)we don’t what the new distribution normal will be. Keep reading this space for more info.

We at wish the entire team all the very best.







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