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What an over whelming morning, waking up to being one of the first few people to watch the trailer of Rocky 7 now known as CREED . A tiny jump back in history every since i was a small kid i was obsessed with Sylvester Stallone and the character Rocky it was the most inspirational story i had seen both of real and reel life. Stallone’s Rocky had a fantastic awe inspiring undertone that no matter who you are where your from if you believe it you can be it. Stallone sold the though through ROCKY and boy did he sell it. Today Rocky is one of the most inspiring and one of the most highly known Screen names Across the globe.I have watch every rocky god known how many times ( yes Rocky 5 too) i some where secretly never wanted the character to go off screen and boy was i delighted to known that they are making a seventh installment known as creed based on the story of Apollo Creeds son. even though it was known as creed i knew in my heart the Shadow of Rocky is too big to be filled by any one else. the trailer looks fantastic amazing mind blowing. directed by new Director Ryan coogler and starring Micheal B Jordan Creed looks like a film that is going to knock the wind out of people at the boxoffice. the trailer is intense and inspiring just like rocky was. I predict a big opening for the film and wish the entire team of creed the very very best.

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