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Review Fate of the Furious

Easily one of the mot awaited movies of the Year Fate of the Furious or Fast and the Furious 8 has hit screens as it has had a Day and Date release  ( for those of you who don’t know what that means the film has hit theaters world wide on the same day and date) . The Movie has a huge buzz around it and people expect the business of Fate of the Furious 8 to beat the previous part. Can furious 8 do it lets find out.

To begin with , the real question one needs to ask is how much bigger can one really make the Sequel . Furious 7 Stretched the imagination to it’s maximum potential with the car flying from building to building , what new can Furious 8 offer . Well it turns out a lot.

The Film takes off from Furious 7 where Deckard Shaw ( Jason Statham) is in Prison. The crew are doing their own thing , Hobbs(Johnson) is busy playing dad,  Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon in Cuba life is relaxed and all is well until one morning Dom runs into a Damsel in Distress . The good hearted Dom  decided to help her, but the women isn’t there by coincidence she’s there for Dom. She knows everything about him. She tells Dom she needs him to work for her, She shows him something on her phone that breaks the might Dom, breaks him to a point where he has to betray the one thing he would Die for his FAMILY. Who is this women, what does she have that has broken Dom to turn on his own and will Dom’s family reunite is what makes the rest of the film.

Firstly this film is a spectacle mean’t to be enjoyed on a massive Screen with a tub of popcorn . Questions you should not ask yourself while watching the movie is “but how did that happen”. “Where did that come from” “can this really happen” . The film drives on a simple thread of emotion and action . The Screenplay is pretty perfect in the fist 60 pages, the other 60 well, it’s a little every where. Chris Morgan who has been writing on the franchise since Tokyo Drift and knows THE FAST UNIVERSE does make a rather gripping first 60 minutes , he adds all the small elements from the last 3 films into making a interesting story. However the film does go a little cowboy in the second half with a rather rushed up climax. That being said there was not a moment of boredom. Good Job Chris.

Coming to the Action. Jack Gill really raises the bar, each sequence is well thought out , the driving is but obviously awesome but the way each piece engages a person is phenomenal.  Jack is one of the most well respected Stunt Coordinators in the world and this film proves why. This has to be one of his best work easily. Take a standing ovation for Jack Gill.

The visual effects are fantastic and the credit goes to Micheal J Wassel . Grreat Job Buddy.

Coming to the Actors, the film belongs to Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. There could be no other way Dom’s Character could have evolved besides the way written for him. He’s the heart of the franchise he looks in shape and it’s difficult to separate Vin Diesel from Dominic Toretto. “Way to go Dom” . Dwayne Johnson nails it as hobbs . He’s such an ever evolving actor and that’s why he is so sought after in LALA Land he’s a real amazing catalyst to Dom. Jason Statham is phenomenal as an action Star. He truly is. His style is impeccable, and this film only adds to his already sky high credentials, what’s amazing is that his timing for comedy is something that is being exploited of late and he has a real flair for it. He’s a treat to watch. Michelle Rodriguez has evolved as Letty she’s bad ass. Tyrese Gibson who is supposed to provide the comedy relief has one amazing scene ( will not telly you go see it) that set’s his “bad ass motherfucker” record straight. Ludacris and Natalie Emanuel are both fantastic as well. Last but certainly not least, Charlize Theron nails it as Cipher she’s one of the most fantastic actors, with a phenomenal personality . She’s so strong on the film that in certain scenes she’s more intimidating than Diesel. The word to describe her in this film is “WOW” .

Director F Gary Gary makes a well put together film and he gets the sole credit for it. He’s in captured the values of the franchise yet kept the film tight and highly entertaining. A big thumbs up for him.

All in all Fate of the Furious makes an entertaining and emotional watch, final moment of the final fight might even bring you to tears . There are lot of surprises in the film that will put a smile to your face. The film has opened to massive numbers in India and Berlin and is expected to be well north of a 130 million domestic first frame.

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We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- A











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