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Review of Transformers 5

One of the Most anticipated films of this Summer is Transformers 5.  It’ s been in the news for quite a while and one of the biggest reasons is that this is Micheal Bays last Transformers. The Father of the Franchise has been with it since inception he’s seen the high’s and the lows from block busters to writers Strikes  he’s seen it all. Bay is by far one of the best in the business and the master of Explosions , however 5 films can take a toll on anyone and some where Franchise Fatigue does set in. Is Transformers 5 a victim of it or does it emerge a victor , let’s find out.

The film starts it In 484 AD, King Arthur’s wizard Merlin forges an alliance with the Knights of Iacon, a group of twelve Transformers who have hidden on Earth. The knights give Merlin an alien staff, and combine into a dragon to help Arthur triumph over the Saxon. One of the 12 Knight’s warn Merlin to protect the Staff with his life as a great evil will one day come for it.  Merlin Dies and the Staff is Hidden in His tomb . In the Present Day Transformers are declared Illegal on Earth  and are being hunted by an Agency called TRF ( Transformer Reaction Force) With Optimus Prime gone  Kade Yager ( Mark Wahlberg )  who is a wanted criminal has now decided to take the onus of Saving the Transformers.

However he’s not the only one who shares this vision , giving him company is a little girl called Izzabella an orphan child who lost her parents in a decepticon attack. However she’s not all alone Izabella has 2 Autobots giving her company. Cade and Izabella cross paths during one unfortunate incident where Cade must take the duty to protect Izabella. While the TRF are hunting the Autobots Satellite’s catch a major Anomaly in deep space a planet that is heading to Earth and is set to collide. Just when Cade is about to get caught he’s rescued by another Transformer who insists cade Join him to meet his master ( Anthony Hopkins ) in London. He tells Kade theirs a Reason why he was chosen , He also tells him that he knows the secret history of the Transformers and WHY THEY KEEP COMING TO EARTH. cade sets out to find the answers as the fate of Earth lie in his hands. Can Cade Stop Earth from dying. You need to watch it to find out.

I have only put in half of what the actual Story is and for good reason , the film runs at an Amazing 2 hours and 34 minute’s . Written by some of the best writers in the business Akiva Goldsman ( Beautiful mind ) Ken Nolan ( Black hawk down) Art Marcum and Matt Hollyway . The Studio put together a writers room with the entire history of the Transformers  at their disposal  to come up with a fantastic history of these Metal machines. After one month they locked the story and that’s what we seen on screen. The biggest problem is that too much is going on with the screenplay and it’s difficult for the audience to keep up with which track they should be emotionally vested in. 4 writers ,4 sensibilities all different to flavor 4 different audience’s pallets. The 4 just don’t gel together and that shows in the screenplay , which jumps from emotions to flavors faster than milliseconds to seconds. The writing is one of the biggest let downs of the entire experience

Shot in Native IMAX 3D the film has a one of a kind clarity and feel to it the Director of Photography Jonathan Sela has done a phenomenal job . the Stunt Coordination by Nick Mckinless and Mike Gunther is fantastic and he has put together an Amazing team  . The visual effects are the biggest treat you will see this year by far. ILM has managed to make some truly breath taking effects and when viewed in IMAX 3 D it’s another cine going experience and one of the main reasons you should see this film.

Of the Performances Mark Wahlberg has just proven that he is the baddest Fucker in the planet, i mean that guy can fight just anyone and the cool thing is that he actually makes you believe he could beat the fuck out of a transformers. He’s delivered a mature performance a big fist up for him. Sir Anthony Hopkins is a breath of Fresh Air , he’s simply out standing he’s so comfortable in his Character and so easy going but there’s one scene in the movie which people will love and you will know exactly why he is the boss. Little Isabela Moner who plays Cade’s pretty little helper is fantastic and is one of the best casting of the movie. Laura Haddock who plays Vivian and is the key to the Stopping of Cybertron looks ravishing and delivers well. But the best performance comes from Optimus Prime  each time he enters you feel like standing and clapping .

Micheal Bay has Said that this is the last for him for the Franchise, i could not agree more. Micheal is one of the best in the business , people keep trashing him but his films always work he knows what people like and always does his best to deliver. Sadly in this film he’s way off his A game from missing critical moments to build an emotional moment to repeating shots from his previous films ( earlier Transformers) Bay seems to be severely hit by the Franchise Fatigue. He’s the only one in the history to direct 5 films for a franchise back to back and that is remarkable however i think it’s best for him to step aside and do something else as he’s exhausted everything he had in the last movie.

To Sum it up , A movie like this is a visual spectacle and needs to be seen once for sure.It’s easily the best watch of the week easily. Thank you Micheal Bay for giving us god knows how many years of your life in making these massive tentpoles . We wish you all the best for your next en devour and we can’t wait to see what your going to do next.  Go see Transformers it’s the best Value for Money this week EASILY

We at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- B   







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