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The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review.

Ryan Reynolds is fresh off the success of his last Action Superhero flick Deadpool , and Millennium Films is the first to Lap up his success . Can Hitman’s Bodyguard win the Box office lets find out.

Bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) is a Top protection Agent for the AAA protection agency. However an incident leads to him dropping from the top spot in the agency to the very bottom of the pit. Bryce now is working on small crappy jobs with no love life or nothing when one day he receives a  call from his Ex girlfriend  Amelia Roussel, a greenhorn agent who’s working with the Interpol  is assigned to protect and transfer Darius Kincaid, ( Sam L Jackson) one of the world’s most notorious hitmen and key witness in the trail of  Vladislav Dukhovich, the ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator of Belarus.

Amelia’s convoy is compromised and she has a strong feeling that there’s a mole within the Interpol . She calls Bryce to help transport Darius to the Hague . The problem is that he must be transfer within a stipulated time and the bigger problem is that  Vladislav Dukhovich has every possible killer after Bryce and Darius . Will Bryce be able to deliver Darius to the Hague in time and what sort of a Journey do these 2 go through to make it there makes the rest of the film.

Written By Tom O Connor  Hitman’s body guard is a well Paced Screenplay . Though it’s a wafer thin plot the Journey is fun and interesting . Whenever a scene gets repetitive it’s quickly followed up by a smart dialogue or a humorous scene to distract the viewers attention. The Story has heart and it’s shown from time to time. A fist up for Tom.

Coming to the Edit , Jake Roberts has done a good job in keeping the cuts fluid so that it plays out well. Some of the Action Scenes are dis jolted but over all he manages to capture the essence of the Screenplay well. Cinematography by Jules O’Loughlin is very Average  at best and is one of the weakest points in the script.

Coming to the Action Borislav IIiev has managed to put together Strictly Average Sequences . A major part of the film are the car chases and a lot of them become repetitive which doesn’t keep the audiences engaged.  Baring one Fight Sequence every other is run of the mill . What’s nice is the final Gun Fight and that has been executed to the T.

Millennium is known  for High Standard Action films but Hitman’s Action doesn’t hit the mark.

OF the performances the Show belongs to Samuel Jackson , though he and Reynolds have parallel parts, Sam Jackson Steals every scene from Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds on his part is fantastic as well as always, had his part been better written it would be amazing to see these 2 brilliant actors go at one another. Gary Oldman who plays the Ruthless dictator is a waste . For an Actor of his Caliber he’s a total waste as anybody could have played this part. Salma Hayak who plays Samuel Jackson’s wife is fantastic and beautiful as always.

Patrick Hughes who returns to direct after Expendables 3 does a fair job , however it clearly shows that he can’t handle High caliber Action Sequences  , he’s done a good job but the action is no where on the caliber of The Expendables.

On the whole Hitman’s bodyguard is a fun watch and will sure be a HIT at the Box Office .

we at amdb.in wish the entire team all the very best.

Review Score- B









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