• Nilesh Sahay

    Nilesh Sahay is an Indian Film Producer, Writer and Director. Sahay made his film debut in …

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Trailer of Hong Kong Actioner The white Storm 3

Undercover police officer Cheung Kin-hang (Aaron Kwok) has been infiltrating drug lord Hong So-chai’s (Sean Lau) cartel. One time during an accident, another undercover officer Au Chi-yuen also earns the trust of both Cheung and Hong and the three of them form a brotherly bond. When Hong’s narcotics businesses in Hong …

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Trailer of The Expendables 4

The Expendables was the franchise that Gave Sylvester Stallone his new lease of Action Stardom. Stallone Along with Maverick Producer Avi lerner brought together all the yesteryear Action Heroes to bring together an 80’s Action extravaganza that turned out to be extremely successful . The franchise that Span’s across 3 …

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